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Undergraduate Catalog 2009-2011 
Undergraduate Catalog 2009-2011 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Management Information Systems Major, BS

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The School of Business and Economics offers a Bachelor of Science degree program with a major in Management Information Systems (MIS). The program’s curriculum is designed to prepare students for careers involving the development and support of business processes which utilize information systems. Recent graduates have pursued careers in systems development, consulting, network administration, systems support, and information resource management. Many positions outside the traditional Information Systems (IS) area can also be pursued by MIS majors. A partial list of these includes technical marketing support, business analysts, and other opportunities requiring liaisons between technical IS people and non-technical clients. These roles allow graduates to use their business systems knowledge to pursue careers in virtually any functional area of an organization.

Flexible program requirements allow students to pursue a variety of interests. These requirements include 6 hours of approved electives and 6 hours of free electives. Double majors in business related fields are available. Students can enhance career opportunities by using elective courses to learn a foreign language or pursue minors and double majors.

Learning Goals

The goals of the MIS program are to:
1. Students will understand the basic concepts of information technology.
2. Students will understand the various components of information systems.
3. Students will be prepared to participate in the development and support of comprehensive information systems.
4. Students will demonstrate an understanding of the key technology trends that raise ethical issues. 


Bachelor of Science Degree in Management Information Systems





Total Hours: 122 Semester Hours

(GE) General Education Core Requirements

1. Use Math placement test to select the initial Math course. Math prerequisites in (): MAT 1312 (MAT 1311); MAT 1313 (MAT 1312); MAT 2333 (MAT 1312); MAT 2317 (MAT 1313).

2. Choose two (2) Social Sciences with different prefixes from: POS 2311, PSY 2301, (HIS 1301, 1302, 3341, or 3342) and SOC 2301. HIS 3341 or HIS 3342 highly recommended. See note 4 below.

3. Choose one (1) Humanities course from: ART 2306, HUM 2310, REL 3311, PHI 2301, PHI 2303 (PHI 2303 highly recommended). ENG 1302 is a prerequisite for HUM 2310. See note 4 below.

4. One African American Experience (AAE) course should fill a Social Science (HIS 3341, HIS 3342) or Humanities (ART 2306, HUM 2310, REL 3311) requirement. SOC 4311 is also an AAE course.

5. Choose one (1) Physical Science with lab, from: (PHS 2336 and 2136), (PHS 2337 and 2137), or (PHY 2421, 2422, 3431, or 3432)

6. CSC 1310 and CSC 1311 are highly recommended. Approved Electives may be taken from: MIS Internship (3 hrs. max.), other MIS courses, approved computer related, foreign language, and/or mathematics courses (2000 level or higher). Double major or minor requirements may be used as approved electives. Grades of “C” or better are required in all MIS courses. Grades of “C” or better are required in MAT 1312, ENG 1301, and ENG 1302 to enroll in 3000 or 4000 level MIS courses. No “D” grades are permitted in courses prefixed by ACC, BCO, BLA, ECO, FIN, MGT, MKT, or QBA. At least 40 hrs. of 3000 or higher level courses required.

Departmental Honors Award Requirements:

  1. Eighteen (18) hours of junior and senior level honors courses
  2. Nine (9) hours in the major discipline
  3. Grades of A and B in all honors courses
  4. Junior and Senior Honors Colloquia
  5. Honors Thesis, Research/Creative Project

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