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Undergraduate Catalog 2009-2011 
Undergraduate Catalog 2009-2011 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Elementary Education (K-6) Major, BS

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Mission Statement

Winston-Salem State University has a long history of contribution to the field of elementary education. The mission of the Elementary Education Program is to develop competent and effective teachers for grades K-6. The program prepares teachers to be ethical and appreciative of the human differences in the world and to use their ability to reason logically and think critically and creatively.

The Elementary Education Program links faculty and students directly to schools through field experiences, student teaching, consultations, and research. The skills of teaching, curriculum development, leadership, and supervision are developed in these various settings. Practical and theoretical views of educational programs and resources allow the program to maintain a close working relationship with other programs, departments, and divisions at Winston-Salem State University.

Learning Outcomes

  1. The students will demonstrate their knowledge of the principles of teaching and learning, which is derived from psychological theories, behaviorism, cognition, personality and motivation.
  2. The students will solve problems using critical and creative thinking skills and teach children to think critically and creatively.
  3. The students will exhibit sensitivity toward diversity and be able to detect and accommodate individual differences among children.
  4. The students will express themselves through speech and writing in appropriate, clear and effective English.
  5. The students will apply their knowledge of the basics and arts and sciences in an effective manner when teaching children.

The program in elementary education provides a carefully planned sequence of classroom and field experiences that will result in the development of competent teachers for grades K-6. The curriculum is organized to include the general education core curriculum, professional studies, specialty area courses and a second course of study in one of the following areas: arts and sciences, biology, English, French, history, mass communications, mathematics, political science, psychology, sociology, or Spanish. The course sequence for these areas is denoted in the program paradigms by the use of the term “second course of study.” Students are required to complete a minimum of 122 units. Elementary education majors must complete the general education core curriculum and obtain admission into the teacher education department during the first two years of enrollment or by the time they have completed 60 credit hours.

Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education (K-6)





Total Hours: 121/122 Semester Hours

(GE) General Education Core Requirements


*You must take the Praxis II Elementary Education test during student teaching. You must pass Praxis II before graduation.

(All students must choose a second course of study from the following: arts and sciences, biology, English, French, history, mathematics, mass communications, political science, psychology, sociology, and Spanish.)


Total Number of Semester Hours 121-122 semester hours
General Education Core Requirements 43 semester hours
Elementary Education 30/31 semester hours
Professional Education 31 semester hours
Second Course of Study 18 semester hours

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