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Graduate Catalog 2013-2014 
Graduate Catalog 2013-2014 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

MHA 6308 - Advanced Healthcare Applications II

Credits: 1.5 hrs


Students will integrate prior coursework, the functions of management, and one or more of the following domains: leadership, communications and relationship management, professionalism, business knowledge and skills, and knowledge of the healthcare environment. Under the direction of a faculty preceptor and an on-site preceptor in a health care environment, students complete an experiential learning project as part of their plan of study. A structured proposal, delineating the scope of the paper and its research questions is submitted for approval before the student proceeds on the paper. The approved scope serves as a blueprint for completion of the paper and delineates its purpose and key research questions. Students will demonstrate competence in exploring and solving complex, significant issues in health care and present findings/solutions to the faculty and their colleagues. Employing inductive logic, students complete asubstantive research paper (one of practical importance, value, or effect) that moves from specific observations from the literature to broader generalizations, which can be applied by the student in the field after graduation. After completion and submittal of the final research paper, students make a formal presentation of their findings and conclusions to the class and guests. Prerequisite(s): MHA 6307