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Undergraduate Catalog 2007-2009 
Undergraduate Catalog 2007-2009 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Pre-College, Bridge, and Support Programs


Pre -College Programs cater to the needs of students in grades K-12 by offering enrichment that is not a part of the typical curriculum. Bridge Programs serve students who are preparing for a post-secondary/university education by exposing them to the types of skills and college-credit courses that will be needed in a college environment. Support programs such as HCOP are designed to strengthen college students’ preparation for their major field of study.

Pre-College Programs

Science Education Network (NC-MSEN) Pre College Program

The WSSU Center for Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education (CMSTE) is the newest North Carolina Mathematics and Science Education Network (NC-MSEN) Center. The coordinating offices are the WSSU (CMSTE) main office and the College of Arts and Sciences. A major goal of NC-MSEN is to increase the pool of students who graduate from North Carolina high schools prepared to pursue careers in mathematics and science. The NC-MSEN Pre-College Program recruits students to focus on mathematics and science careers and targets students from underrepresented populations who have not been prepared to pursue high-level mathematics and science-based courses.

The components of the WSSU Pre-College Program include a Saturday Academy, the Summer Enrichment Program, tutoring, mathematics and science competitions, field trips, Parent Involvement for Excellence (PIE) Clubs, leadership development, guest speakers in the fields of mathematics, science, technology, and engineering, and a recognition and awards banquet.

The Saturday Academy occurs during the fall and spring semesters. The students receive academic instruction in mathematics, science, English, and technology. In addition to mathematics and science topics covered throughout the year, students are made aware of academic course selection, SAT requirements and tips, the college selection process, financial aid and scholarships, and mathematics and science career opportunities. Parent workshops that focus on supporting children’s education and academic preparation also are included.

The Summer Enrichment Program covers mathematics, science, technology, and English. Students complete a twothree week program where they are actively engaged in handson mathematics, science, and technology activities and enhance their communications skills, critical thinking, and writing ability. Furthermore, students take educational field trips, interact with guest speakers, and participate in community-related experiences.

Bridge Programs

Science Outreach Program

The program is coordinated through the STEM Scholars Program and the Pre-College, Bridge, and Support Programs Offices. The project focuses on counseling, recruitment and retention of minority students through an intensive six-week summer program in mathematics, science, computer science and English. Diverse teaching techniques including computer-assisted instruction, innovative laboratory activities, visiting scientists, science seminars, field trips, peer-tutoring, interactive multimedia and monitoring progress will be employed to achieve the desired objectives of increasing minority participation in science and math areas. The primary goal of the Outreach Program is to increase the number of minority graduates in biology, chemistry, mathematics, and computer science at Winston-Salem State University. The overall goals of the program are designed to identify and address the academic improvement needs of the college-bound minority students in these areas. The intent is to recruit 20 minority high school graduates for an intensive six-week summer program in mathematics, science, computer science, and English. The length of the program is six weeks. The program will provide participants with the opportunity to earn 6-10 semester hours of college credit.

Honors Summer Advancement Program (HSAP)

The coordinating office for HSAP is the Honors Program Office. The Honors Summer Advancement Program (HSAP) is a four-week summer session designed to provide an accelerated program for incoming honors freshmen. Students enroll in six semesters of honors courses, participate in development workshops and seminars, and engage in cultural and academic enrichment activities. Honors students live on an honors hall in Wilson Residence Hall and student counselors/tutors live with them. Session activities culminate in a cultural excursion. The goals of the program are as follows: (1) to provide an accelerated program for honors students; (2) to provide cultural and academic enrichment activities; (3) to provide a learning/ living environment which encourages a sense of community among honors students, and (4) to provide honors students with developmental workshops and seminars which help them develop positive self-concept, leadership abilities and short and long-term career goals. For further information, contact the Honors Program Office, (336) 750-2182 or visit Hall-Patterson, Room 305.

WSPA Summer Enrichment Program

The purpose of the Summer Enrichment Program is to prepare students for the rigor of Advanced Placement (AP) courses, college courses, and preparation for the SAT. Emphasis will be placed on enrichment in writing and reading, and will be taught by college faculty and teachers in the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County School System.

Support Programs

Science and Career Explorations Program (SCEP)

The primary goal of this program is to increase the pool of historically underrepresented students to enter and complete post-secondary studies in science, math, and technology, thus creating a diverse and globally competitive workforce. The specific objectives of the program are to improve students’ competence in science, math, and technology, sustain their enthusiasm for science, and encourage them to pursue a career in research or other science-related areas.

In order to achieve the aforementioned objectives, there will be a ten-week Saturday Academy (April through December) and in the summer, a rigorous three to four-week summer enrichment program (June-July) for grades 7th , 8th, 11th and 12th. The Saturday Academy and the summer enrichment program will each consist of twenty-five students (15 middle school students and 10 high school students).

The Science Career and Explorations Program is designed to provide participants with an integrative science educational experience. Thus, students will be exposed to aspects of biology, chemistry, pharmacology, biotechnology, and mathematics. Students will improve their test taking, time management, organizational, communication, and scientific writing skills by participating in small group sessions facilitated by a faculty member.

Student Support Services

Student Support Services is a federally funded TRIO program. In 1968, Student Support Services, which was originally known as Special Services for Disadvantaged Students, was authorized by the Higher Education Amendments and became the third in a series of educational opportunity programs. The purpose of the program is to provide support services to low income first generation or disabled college students to enhance their academic skills, increase their retention and graduation rates, and as appropriate, facilitate their entrance into a four year college leading to graduation. The program office and student lab are located in Hauser Building, Room 202. The main office number is (336) 750-2365.